3 August 2018

Ricciardo to Renault

I got a call early this morning from an excited Australian journalist telling me that something big was happening with Daniel Ricciardo. Did I know anything? No, I said, I’ve heard nothing. But I know his source well and it was a good one.

I pondered a blog post to show that I was expecting an explosion on the driver market but didn’t know where Danny Ric might turn up. The word is that he will surprise everyone by agreeing to join Renault.

It’s a logical move in that it will put him in a factory team, which is fast developing, where he will presumably partner Nico Hulkenberg. This means that Carlos Sainz will be on his way to McLaren and that Esteban Ocon will have to stay at Force India...

Update: This has now been confirmed by Renault.

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