18 December 2017

The GP+ annual review is ready! (Read this page carefully...)

The 2017 Formula 1 World Championship ended with a whimper of a race in Abu Dhabi, but for most of the year the racing was terrific and filled with tension and excitement. It was Ferrari versus Mercedes with a few Red Bull victories sneeking in. We look at the series in depth and analyse who did well, who could have done better and who was complete rubbish.

– We talk to Lewis Hamilton
– We talk to Jean Todt
– We look back at Alfa Romeo’s history in Formula 1
– We remember Bette Hill
– We review books and DVDs for Christmas
– JS considers Ferrari’s future in NASCAR…
– DT needs more positivity
– The Hack compares Lewis to Jim Clark
– Peter Nygaard and friends work their magic with racing cars, light and colour.

GP+ is a magazine written by real F1 journalists not virtual wannabes… Our team has attended a ridiculous number of F1 Grands Prix, upward of 2,300 races between the four of us. (Yes, that is not misprint). We’ve been around so long that Toto Wolff calls us “Sir”, and if he doesn’t he gets a clip round the ear. We tell team owners that they are idiots, if that is what we think… Controversy is not always a bad thing. We love the history of the sport and are happy to tell stories to enthral others. And, the magazine is as cheap as chips because we want you more people to read it. At the same time we are still the fastest F1 magazine in the world, despite the massive motorsport.com empire trying to keep up. This magazine is so quick that some press officers cannot get out a press release before we produce a magazine. It is an e-magazine that you can download and keep forever. It saves a fortune in shelving…

If you would like to a 2018 subscription, now is the time to do so. You get the 2017 Review free of charge… So, click on www.grandprixplus.com and you can read yourself stupid over the holidays!

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