Fascinating F1 Facts: 54

    In the racing world, knowledge tends to move around very quickly, with technology developed by one team being used by others. This was certainly the case with the BMW 328, which was the base of a series of so-called eigenbau (specials) in the years after the war. These were raced with great success in Formula 2... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 53

    One can enjoy huge success outside Formula 1, but that is no guarantee of success in Grand Prix racing. F1 requires more than skill and energy. It always requires political nous and money. Lots of money. "Wiggy" is a nickname that might be applied to one or two Formula 1 team bosses over tim... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 52

    Much of the FIA is now housed in a drab building next to the airport in Geneva, Switzerland. Las Vegas, it is not. The Chemin de Blandonnet, with the emphasis on bland, is not quite in the same league as the FIA's traditional home in the Place de la Concorde in Paris. Then agai... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 51

    FIA Presidents may have long had the reputation for being blazer-wearing aristocrats who took on the job of running the federation - without any financial reward - because it was the sort of thing that nobles with plenty of money used to do. They were not necessarily very good at it, but they were not all stuff... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 50

    The Sixties was a time of dramatic change, when the children born during and after World War II broke down the social order that existed with new ideas about sex, drugs and rock and roll. It was an era when the formal structures that had previously existed were swept away and civil rights became an issue. Revol... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 49

    A lot of old Formula 1 cars end up in museums, if they are not destroyed during their racing careers. What else can you do with them? Some end up in car museums, others are hoarded by the teams for posterity, or to be used in their own collections/conference centres. Some serve as show cars, others are sold to ... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 48

    Czechoslovakia is a country that no longer exists. Today it has been carved up into the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but for a long time it was a sovereign state, after declaring independence in 1918 when the Kingdom of Bohemia and the  Margraviate of Moravia broke away from the collapsing A... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 47

    At this time of year, when the weather is bad and there is no real racing to keep us amused, I like to cook and over the years I have collected a very diverse range of cookbooks. The other day, while looking for Manifold Destiny, the guide to cooking on a car engine, I stumbled on a number of them, which I thou... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 46

    If anyone ever asks you who won the 1960 South African Grand Prix, you have to tell them that they may not know the correct answer. Either that or the question is a trick one. To be fair, there are probably not many people who would know the answer without having to look it up. Trying t... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 45

    The Alexandra Palace – or “The Ally Pally” as they call it in London - sits on top of a hilltop to the north of the city, overlooking the suburb of Hornsey. If you look down from the Palace you can see most of London. Down below in Hornsey, over by the railway line, is the old Railway Hotel, w... [Continue reading]

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