Changes at Ferrari and Alfa Romeo

    Simone Resta, currently technical director of Alfa Romeo, will be starting work back at Ferrari after the summer break and will work on the design of the 2021 Ferrari. He will spend his gardening leave working with Ferrari on road car development. This will be the fourth change of techn... [Continue reading]

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    The Haas story - updated

    The odd story of Haas and the Rich Energy sponsorship has left the Formula 1 Paddock scratching heads about what on earth is going on, not least because the cars are still liveried and there are no plans to change that - and because the team is saying very little. This means that, despite all the rumo... [Continue reading]

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    McLaren drivers

    It is no surprise at all to hear that McLaren has retained its two drivers for 2020. I’m quite sure that in both cases the team simply picked up options, with neither driver really having a choice because that’s the kind of contracts that young drivers get. I wouldn’t be surpris... [Continue reading]

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    Notebook from the Pfälzerwald 

    One can talk of the romance of being on the road, but like most romance, there is lot of hard work that goes on behind the scenes. You might, perhaps, be wondering where one might find the Pfälzerwald. Fair enough. Would you be any wiser if I said it was the Palatinate Forest? This runs north to south... [Continue reading]

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    Pat Fry leaving McLaren

    Pat Fry, who led the design team of this year’s McLaren MCL34, is to leave the team with immediate effect. But it seems there is no controversy about the move as Fry was brought in last year to take the role after Matt Morris left and James Key was not able to join because of gardening leav... [Continue reading]

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    Five and a half hours after the race

    The Austrian Grand Prix gave Formula 1 just what it needed - a winner other than Mercedes. It was a straight fight between Ferrari and Red Bull Honda. And Max Verstappen won, forcing his way past Charles Leclerc on the 69th lap of the 71-lap race. Almost everyone was happy. It had been a great race, filled with... [Continue reading]

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    Teams against tyre changes

    The Formula 1 have discussed the proposal that they should switch back to 2018 Pirelli tyres, in order to get tyres that are easier to use, in theory this might improve the racing. However, many saw this as an attempt to allow rival teams to close the gap to Mercedes, which has mastered the tyres bett... [Continue reading]

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    Come and meet Joe in London

    I will be hosting one of my Audiences in London on Wednesday, July 10. The event is open to all fans and will run from 7pm-11.00 pm. Food will be served mid-way through the evening, while drinks will be available at normal bar rates. ... [Continue reading]

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    F1 and Brazil

    The grass does not grow under Chase Carey's feet. On Sunday he was at Paul Ricard in the south of France, but by Monday afternoon he was in Brasilia for a meeting with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at the Planalto Palace, where he was joined by Wilson Witzel, the governor of Ri... [Continue reading]

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    Six and a half hours after the race

    The good news at Paul Ricard was that the weather was good and there was no real controversy. One might argue that the bad news was that Lewis Hamilton won his sixth victory in eight races. Valtteri Bottas could not challenge him. Ferrari could not challenge him - and Red Bull wasn't really in the picture e... [Continue reading]

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