The crash in Interlagos

    FIA stewards deal with rules as written and often do not add interpretations that others might draw. So Esteban Ocon got a penalty because he was the lapped car and should not have crashed into the race leader. But I would argue that Ocon’s move on Max was a righteous one, neat and sweet. The ti... [Continue reading]

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    Hanoi and other matters...

    The Hanoi announcement has now been made and those of you who have been surprised that Formula 1 is going off to Vietnam in 2020, should perhaps take note that I am not reporting it in any great detail because I have done it all already. ... [Continue reading]

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    Haas does a deal with Rich Energy

    The Haas F1 team has done a deal with Rich Energy, which will see the drinks company becoming the team's title sponsor for a number of years. It is expected that the team will change the livery of the cars to the black and gold of the drink, althoug... [Continue reading]

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    GP+ is now available

    The United States Grand Prix was meant to be the race in which Lewis Hamilton wrapped up his fifth World Championship and in qualifying it certainly looked like that was going to happen. Lewis scraped through into pole position ahead of the two Ferraris, but we already knew at that point tha... [Continue reading]

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    Game of Thrones... and other stories

    This weekend in Austin will be all about the World Championship and while I’d love to see Mercedes wrap things up - because they deserve the titles - I would also like to see a Ferrari fight back to give the team the chance to answer some of the negative and brutal coverage it has had to endure ... [Continue reading]

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    Listen to Joe's views... not for Formula E fans

    I have been podcasting again with that Spanners fellow, just prior to jumping on a flight to Austin. If you’d l... [Continue reading]

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    Williams announces George Russell

    Williams has announced the signing of George Russell with a multi-year agreement. The 20-year-old Briton will make his race debut at the 2019 Australian Grand Prix. Following a successful start to his career in karting, George stepped in to single seater racing in 2014, winning the BRDC... [Continue reading]

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    Fairytales in F1

    In the days ahead we should hear something about the remaining F1 drives for 2019, with Racing Point (or whatever it will be called post Force India) due to confirm Sergio Perez and Lance Stroll in Mexico. This means that there are only three drives left open: two at Williams and one at Toro Rosso. I have ... [Continue reading]

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    An opportunity in Austin

    For those of you who will be travelling to Austin for the United States Grand Prix, there is a chance to get into the swing of things on Friday, with a night out with one of F1's most experienced journalists, who will answer any questions you have about the sport. If you want to learn about the sport, ... [Continue reading]

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    A women-only racing series

    There is to be a new racing championship called W Series, designed for women drivers only. It will be a one-make series in terms of cars as well, with plans for 18 and 20 drivers who will, according to the W Series press statement, all pass “a rigorous pre-selection programme/examination involving on... [Continue reading]

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