Thoughts from Singapore

    Singapore is the start each year of what feels like the home stretch in Formula 1, although it's quite a long stretch, with some pretty serious hemisphere-leaping coming up. For the next nine weeks we will jumping on and off planes, hurdling through the time zones, covering the last seven races, the final&n... [Continue reading]

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    Raikkonen, Leclerc and the implications

    So Kimi Raikkonen has finally been announced as on his way out at Ferrari and the hullabaloo that has been going on can now end. The other shoe still needs to drop with Charles Leclerc being confirmed at Ferrari, but that will happen in the days ahead (if not hours). Kimi will be at Sauber for two years (so he ... [Continue reading]

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    Quiet times?

    As the F1 circus heads off to Singapore and the Internet folk get excited about the future of Kimi Raikkonen, doing the staying or going stories which they have not already done. The big thing last week was an announcement that never happened. This week there are all manner of tall tales. I have no idea, m... [Continue reading]

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    The F1 calendar

    Formula One has issued a calendar for 2019, with 21 races listed, the same as this year but without the mid-season triple header. The season begins a week earlier than this year with the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne on March 19, with two week gaps through until after the Canadian Grand Prix in m... [Continue reading]

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    The rumours going into Spa

    As expected, the Force India situation worked itself out in the course of yesterday, although it does set a precedent which may not be helpful in the future. However, needs must and no-one wanted to see the team unable to run and so it was a question of getting it all done and then fitting a justifcat... [Continue reading]

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    Force India, or whatever it is called next week

    There are rumblings at Spa about the future of Force India, despite an announcement that the team had been saved by a new group of investors, a few days after the Hungarian Grand Prix. Yesterday afternoon the other Formula 1 teams were asked by the Formula One group to agree to allow Force India ... [Continue reading]

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    En route to Spa

    It’s way before dawn, although the sky is beginning to lighten now, but I’m already up and about and, in the words of some American announcer person we saw in Texas last year, I’m ready to rumble. I’ve been taking a rather roundabout route to Spa, doing ‘real life&rs... [Continue reading]

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    Back in action...

    After two weeks being completely off the radar - literally off the web - taking some much-needed rest and recuperation, I am now back in action. The summer break has been rather less of a break than normal for some of the F1 circus with all the announcements relating to the driver market and, of cours... [Continue reading]

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    I've gone fishing...

    The Formula 1 world has shut down and it's time for a break for the next 14 days.  Time for what Dylan Thomas described as "a tune on an ice-cream cornet. A slap of sea and a tickle of sand. A fanfare of sunshades opening. A wince and whinny of bathers dancing into deceptive water. ... [Continue reading]

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    Ricciardo to Renault

    I got a call early this morning from an excited Australian journalist telling me that something big was happening with Daniel Ricciardo. Did I know anything? No, I said, I’ve heard nothing. But I know his source well and it was a good one. I pondered a blog post to show that I was expecting an e... [Continue reading]

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