The latest Miami circuit map

    Here is the latest version of the planned Miami Grand Prix circuit, with the original idea of racing around the American Airlines Arena having been axed and the track now passing through Bayfront Park. It is not clear from the map where the pits will be, but it is clear from the run-off areas that the circuit w... [Continue reading]

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    We’ve been podcasting again!

    After more than a month, and 17,000 kilometres on the road (spent largely in an ageing Prius) F1 legend Joe Saward drops into the shed for a well deserved rest stop before jumping in the Prius again and heading for Germany. This week he and Spanners decide that the team's pantech motor homes (hosp... [Continue reading]

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    Ruminations on sport

    Sport is a funny thing. It does two things: it provides physical activity for the enjoyment of those taking part; and, in many cases, it is entertainment for spectators, both on-site and watching on television. It is big business these days, of course, as it is one of the most successful ways for... [Continue reading]

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    A chance to get more information about F1

    The last few weeks have been a whirl of activity and I will happily admit that I have not been keeping up with all the other stuff one needs to do in life. One of these things is to point out to blog readers that my last Audience with Joe, held in London the week before the British Grand Prix, was rec... [Continue reading]

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    Aldo Costa on the move

    Mercedes-AMG Petronas Motorsport will be losing the day-to-day services of two of its most important engineers in the months ahead. Engineering Director Aldo Costa is moving to an advisory role because he wants to spend more time with his family in Italy and Performance Director Mark Ellis has decide to retire ... [Continue reading]

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    The power of sport

    We all have different preferences when it comes to sport. I don’t give a damn about foo... [Continue reading]

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    Boullier resigns

    McLaren has announced that Eric Boullier has resigned as its Racing Director after four years in the role. Whether this will help or hinder the team's progress remains to be seen. The resignation is entirely believable because Boullier has been frustrated for some time at not being allowed to get on an... [Continue reading]

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    Hurry up folks...

    Our summer holiday deal for Fascinating F1 Facts will be coming to an end at midnight on Sunday, so if you want to get a cut price set of books for the summer holidays you need to order it before then. The reviews thus far have been good and I think that anyone who likes this blog will find the books inter... [Continue reading]

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    The French GP of 2018...and 1914

    It’s a strange hour of the night and I seem to have car-lag, as I’ve not been on a plane since coming home from Canada. That feels like weeks ago but in truth it was eight days ago. Arriving at Paul Ricard yesterday in the early afternoon, I spent a couple of hours in a cluster-f**k of traffic, in p... [Continue reading]

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    The lunch before the storm

    It’s a sunny day and as I was walking to my favourite Japanese restaurant, I realised that I’ve not been at home for lunch since the week before the Canadian GP (three weeks ago) and I’ll not be doing it again until the week after the British GP (in three weeks from now). Such is the life of F... [Continue reading]

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