Fascinating F1 Facts: 10 - Ahead of their time

    The Kaiser-Wilhelm-Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Wissenschaften was an independent scientific institution, established in Germany in 1911, with its goal being to promote research into the natural sciences in Imperial Germany. One of this organisations biggest successes came in the 1920s when research... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 9 - Budgetary considerations

    The 2021 Formula 1 season will be the first to feature a budget cap, in an effort to stop teams from spending silly money in their quest to win F1. Racers are racers and as long as they have access to money, they spend it. It’s illogical, of course, in a world where automobile companies are obsessed by co... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 8 - The man who got there first

    Ellis Hall was an oil man, and a very successful one as well. He had plenty of money and lived in a grand house in Boulder, Colorado, with his wife Theresa and their four children: Richard, Betty, James and Charles. Alas, tragedy struck and he lost his wife to illness at the age of just 46. The childr... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 7 – A very fast fellow

    The coast of the Languedoc is flat, apart from a very large rock, called Mont St-Clair, which rises from the sea, a few miles to the south-west of Montpelier. Around it is the town of Sète and a sandy isthmus which divides the Mediterranean from a salt water lagoon, which ma... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 6 - Boulognes and Boulognes

    The name Boulogne can be rather confusing for the average non-French motor racing fan. It was a racing circuit from the very early years of the sport, between 1909 and 1928. Then the name popped up again in the late 1940s, with another circuit in the so-called Bois de Boulogne (which translates as Boulogne Wood... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 5 – A military man

    Before Charlie Whiting was made F1 Race Director in 1997 the role was filled  – albeit very briefly – by a British Rear Admiral, who had recently retired from the Royal Navy. The experiment was not very successful as military discipline and the fast-moving ducking and weaving of the F... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 4 – A man called Jap Tek Lie

    Go west from Kuala Lumpur, across the Malacca Strait, and you will find the city of Medan. It might seem a pretty unlikely city to have been the birthplace of a Formula 1 team owner, but Jap Tek Lie was unusual in an awful lot of respects. When he born in 1907, Medan was part of what was known as the Dutch East... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 3 – What could have been

    Racing drivers are not always reasonable individuals. They are, perhaps by nature, not given to caution and that can get them into trouble – and worse. Robert Kubica is a good example of this. He had struggled through the ranks to get to Formula 1, the first Polish driver to compete in the sport... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 2 - A family business

    Brothers Claude and Georges Gachnang were both passionate about racing, even if they lived in a country where such activities were banned. They lived in the town of Aigle in Switzerland, to the south of Montreux, nor far from where the river Rhone runs into Lake Geneva, and worked as mechanics, racing whenever ... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 1 - A remarkable family

    Some people are born into extraordinary lives. If you write a film script about them, it would be rejected as being unrealistic. Paul Belmondo had just such a story. His grandfather Paul, after whom he was named, was from an Italian background but was born and grew up in Algeria. He survived the trenc... [Continue reading]

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