The definition of insanity...

    Since the kerfuffle in Canada, I have read a number of people suggesting that the rules should be changed and that the system of stewarding should be altered. This makes no real sense to me because the current system is the result of years of quiet development, with other systems having been tried and rejected,... [Continue reading]

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    Robin Herd 1939 - 2019

    Robin Herd has died at the age of 80. Herd was an aerospace designer who moved into motorsport in the mid-1960s and went on to establish March Engineering, one of the great customer car companies in the history of the sport. Herd graduated in mechanical engineering from St Peter's College, Ox... [Continue reading]

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    Come and have fun in Montreal

    Planning to be in Montreal for the Formula 1 weekend? Why not spice things up and become someone "in the know" by spending Friday evening with me, asking all the questions you want to ask about Formula 1 and the people who are involved. I've been covering Formula 1 for more than 30 years and haven... [Continue reading]

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    Niki Lauda 1949 - 2019

    It is with enormous sadness that I must report the death of Niki Lauda, a giant in the world of motor racing - and in business - at the age of only 70. The Austrian underwent a lung transplant eight months ago, but struggled to recover. He had previously undergone two kidney transplants. The sport has... [Continue reading]

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    Whatever next?

    I read with absolute awe a news story today about half a million TV spectators signing a petition to have HBO create a new ending for Game of Thrones, a show which I have to say I have never watched. It seems, from what I have picked up that things end badly with lots of characters being slaughtered - in one wa... [Continue reading]

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    Brazilian GP bound for Rio

    The Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has told local media that the Brazilian Grand Prix will move to a new circuit in Rio de Janeiro in 2020. The announcement presumes that the circuit prospect will be paid for by the state. There have long been plans to build a circuit in the Deodoro district but t... [Continue reading]

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    Formula 1 as a marketing tool

    When it comes to marketing Formula 1 is a very powerful tool - and it seems like you don't have to win races to be able to sell your products. Obviously, success must have some kind of impact but the glitter of F1 seems to be sufficient when it comes to selling road cars. McLaren recently reported... [Continue reading]

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    The Dutch GP

    And by the way, the Dutch Grand Prix will be confirmed on May 14 and will take place at Zandvoort on May 10 2020 - so long as there is some work done to upgrade the paddock area. The bad news for Spnaish F1 fans is that we may be heading to the last Spanish GP next week, as the problems between Spain and Catalo... [Continue reading]

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    The British GP

    One of the most difficult moments in the life of a news journalist comes when one has several trusted sources contradicting one another. The very fact that they are trusted means that they have earned such status over time and so one must dig down to understand how things have gone wrong, if indeed th... [Continue reading]

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    Miami off - but maybe on elsewhere

    There are reports coming out of Miami that plans to hold a Formula 1 race on the streets have been abandoned because of the difficulty in getting everyone to agree to the project. The Miami Herald is reporting that Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross and the Formula One group have mutually decided to sc... [Continue reading]

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