Joe's Story

Joe Saward is a writer, specializing in Formula 1 racing. He has attended every Grand Prix since 1988.

A professional motor racing journalist since graduating from university in 1983, he cut his teeth, travelling around Europe, living in a tent, while reporting on the European Formula 3 and European Touring Car Championships. After a short spell at the BBC, he joined Autosport magazine in 1984. He spent 10 years there in various roles, becoming International Editor and ultimately Grand Prix Editor, while bringing the sport closer to the fans with his Globetrotter column.

In 1992, with the increasing use of electronic mail, he decided to move to France and broadened his portfolio, working for clients all over the world, notably for Japan’s biggest F1 publication, then known as Sony Grand Prix Special. He remains in that role today.

In 1995 he established the award-winning e-newsletter now known as The Business of Motorsport, speeding up the global spread of news about racing. This publication Is still read every week by many of the sport’s decision makers.

In 2000 he launched, which became one of the most respected websites in F1. A year later was appointed the first News Editor of Bernie Ecclestone’s F1 magazine.

Joe next became a publisher and having done that, helped to launch another innovation – F1’s first e-magazine, called grandprix+ in 2007.

This is a 70-90 page magazine that is published within a few hours of the chequered flag after each race. It is read by subscribers all over the world and is still the fastest F1 magazine available.

During his career he has done all manner of other jobs including broadcasting, script and speech writing, making speeches, consulting with F1 teams, sponsors, TV companies, sporting authorities and even institutions such as the Media Lab at MIT in Boston.

He is the author of a number of books on different subjects and was named Renault UK Author of the Year Award by The Guild of Motoring Writers in 2007 for his book “The Grand Prix Saboteurs”, a story about 1920s racing drivers who became British secret agents in the French Resistance. He wrote the best-selling World Atlas of Motor Racing in 1989.

Today Joe is no longer associated with but concentrates on this blog, while also being F1 Editor of Autocar.