Notebook from a country house

    English country houses, with their crunchy driveways, manicured lawns and draughty bedrooms are a key part of the Silverstone experience. Many of the F1 world stay in their own homes for the Grand Prix but the rest of us have to make do with B&Bs, even if we are often up and gone before the second... [Continue reading]

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    Notebook from a greasy spoon

    I left Austria late, it must have been seven thirty on Monday morning. I meant to be on the road much earlier, but at some point when the magpies were starting to thieve, I fell asleep at the wheel of my computer. Thus, there was a mad rush to finish the JSBM newsletter and then it was ... [Continue reading]

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    Notebook from Porto Maurizio

    When you leave Paul Ricard bound for Austria (if you can get out of the circuit), you will soon get down to the coastal plain. You grab the A50 autoroute and head for Toulon, under which you pass in one very long tunnel. No doubt this makes the city a nicer place but it is not very scenic. Soon, howev... [Continue reading]

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    Notebook from the Capital Grille

    Usually on the Monday after the Canadian Grand Prix there are a lot of F1 folk feeling liverish, with heads thumping and faces pale, as the Sunday night post-race parties have been known to be fairly wild affairs. I am afraid that this is one area of F1 of which I have no expertise at all, as I am always workin... [Continue reading]

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    Notebook from an olive grove

    We get an extra day in Monaco, the Grand Prix meeting effectively beginning on the Wednesday and running through until Sunday night. This used to be related to the festival of Ascension Day, which jumps about in the month of May, but is always deemed to be 39 days after Easter. Years ago, Bernie Ecclestone mana... [Continue reading]

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    Notebook from Catalonia

    Motorsport has a wonderfully blithe spirit. It travels the world and almost always fails to notice what is going on around it, being self-absorbed by nature. There is a splendid tale from 1981 of motor sport journalists arriving in Poland for some international rally and being surprised that the airport was bei... [Continue reading]

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    Notebook from Frankfurt Main Airport

    The muguet is a sweet-scented wild Lily of the valley. These are sold in tiny bouquets on the streets of France on May 1 every year, to be offered to loved ones, as a gesture of friendship and as a celebration of spring. It’s a bank holiday, but the Fête du Muguet is a more than that. It’s one... [Continue reading]

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    Notebook from nowhere in particular

    The problem with having race after race after race, at all corners of the globe (so to speak), is that when one finally gets home, there are things that need to be sorted out and so here we are on Wednesday and I'm only just getting round to finishing off my Notebook from Shanghai. It is fair to s... [Continue reading]

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    Notebook from the Big Texas Barbecue and Waffle House

    The offset Formula 1 timetable in Bahrain means that our lives become rather more bizarre than usual, at least in terms of eating and sleeping. We don't finish work until quite late and so the teams tend to move to a regime that fits the timetable, even if it does not fit the daylight. So you find yourself ... [Continue reading]

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    Notebook from an Airbus A380

    Here I am, up in the sky over the Indian Ocean, somewhere near Sri Lanka. The inflight data systems on an Emirates A380 tells us where we are, at any given moment, so I can tell you that we are currently whizzing along at about 600 mph, at 39,000 ft, and we've covered 5,000 miles since leaving Melbourne, wh... [Continue reading]

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