Notebook from Melbourne

    A weekend break to Australia is not the sort of thing that people generally do, but F1 life is like that and until there is a more sensible calendar, this is what we will have to do. Having travelled so far to get there, some F1 folk stay around after the Grand Prix and go up to Bahrain on the way home, after a... [Continue reading]

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    Seven hours after the race

    Valtteri Bottas drove a brilliant race in Melbourne to win a dominant victory and kick off his World Championshp in the best possible way. No-one could touch the flying Finn, who came home 20 seconds clear of Lewis Hamilton, 22 secs clear of Max Verstappen's Red Bull-Honda and almost a minute ahea... [Continue reading]

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    The F1 world arrived in Melbourne full of energy and the enthusiasm that is always there when a season begins. There was a good season launch in Federation Square in downtown Melbourne and all 20 drivers and the 10 team principals all managed to turn up. There were probably 10,000 people there, but there could ... [Continue reading]

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    Charlie Whiting 1952 - 2019

    FIA Director of Formula One, Charlie Whiting, has sadly passed away this morning (14 March 2019), in Melbourne, aged 66, as the result of a pulmonary embolism, three days before the Australian Grand Prix which will open the F1 season. Charlie began his F1 career in 1977 working at the Hesketh team, th... [Continue reading]

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    Thoughts on arrival in Melbourne

    So, the winter is done and the 100 Fascinating Facts are finished. There wasn't much time off and so I guess I must try harder this year to get some done during the season, in order to earn myself some time off next winter. Not sure when Volume 3 will be published (maybe around the British GP), but I will p... [Continue reading]

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    Come and meet Joe at the beach!

    Joe's Audience events are highly popular with Formula 1 fans around the world, offering a unique insight into the sport, with a journalist who has been to every single F1 race since the autumn of 1988, more than 540 races in total. Such experience and contacts gives you insights into the sport, both in the ... [Continue reading]

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    Your GP+ Season preview is ready for downloading

    The Formula 1 season is upon and GP+ have been trying to figure out what will happen in 2019. Can Lewis Hamilton win a sixth title or will Sebastian Vettel finally strike back. And how will Max Verstappen do with Red Bull's new relationship with Honda. There are lots of fascinating questions to be answered.... [Continue reading]

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    DIY racing. Fascinating F1 Facts: 100

    In the movie Toy Story, Buzz Lightyear makes an apposite remark as he and Sheriff Woody are hurtling through the air (as you do). "This isn't flying," Buzz says, "this is falling - with style." We all know that humans cannot fly. Nor can most animals and there are plenty o... [Continue reading]

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    Going round in circles. Fascinating F1 Fact: 99

    The sands are forever shifting in Formula 1 and never was that the case more than when Ferrari decided that it needed to hire McLaren's technical director John Barnard in 1986. Barnard has designed the McLaren MP4/1, the first carbonfibre composite car in F1 in 1981 and allied to the TAG turbo engine in 198... [Continue reading]

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    A fairytale. Fascinating F1 Facts: 98

    Motor racing has a way of creating fairytales which propel people much further than they could possibly imagine. Chris Murphy grew up in Bolton in Lancashire, a former mill town close to Manchester, where the economy was in a sorry state by the 1970s. His father was a truck driver and while Chris was ... [Continue reading]

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