In the days before Monaco

    The men from Liberty Media are always busy, but very little of what they do gets out into the public domain. This is how they do business and while it starves the Internet of the he-said-she-said stories that used to help fill the endless virtual pages, it is a much more business-like way of doing business... [Continue reading]

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    How to know F1 much better...

    Every year, thanks to one sponsor or another (recently the lovely folk at Rolex), the members of the F1 media are very fortunate to receive free copies of the Who Works in F1 book, which is a very useful guide to what people do in F1 and how to contact them. There are a few people who sneak in there withou... [Continue reading]

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    Notebook from Catalonia

    Motorsport has a wonderfully blithe spirit. It travels the world and almost always fails to notice what is going on around it, being self-absorbed by nature. There is a splendid tale from 1981 of motor sport journalists arriving in Poland for some international rally and being surprised that the airport was bei... [Continue reading]

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    Five hours after the race

    Racing teams are always looking for silver bullets to solve problems. Mercedes has been struggling to get comfortable with its 2018 car, while Ferrari and Red Bull have seemed more able to find performance. But, after the Spanish Grand Prix, in which Lewis Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas scored a solid 1-2 fi... [Continue reading]

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    Thought for the F1 day...

    It's a sunny day here in France and tomorrow I will set off before dawn to drive to Barcelona. It is about 650 miles, but I should get there in the middle of the afternoon in time for a wander around the F1 Paddock and a few chats to find out what's going on. That's the plan. ... [Continue reading]

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    Meanwhile in court...

    Vijay Mallya has suffered a serious setback in the high court in London with a judge ruling that a legal judgment against him in India can be enforced against his assets in England and Wales, which means that they may be seized and sold. The ruling, handed down by Andrew Henshaw QC, was... [Continue reading]

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    Some fascinating books...

    As the F1 circus heads for Barcelona, fans of the Fascinating F1 Facts series can now enjoy them all in book form, in two volumes, available at ... [Continue reading]

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    A quick catch-up

    By far the biggest news today is the revelation from the United States that NASCAR is for sale. It’s been rumoured since February. It is still not clear exactly which of its assets the France Family will divest but it is clearly an opportunity for someone to acquire a sporting property ... [Continue reading]

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    The circuit in Miami

    Details are emerging of the proposed Formula 1 circuit in Miami, thanks to city commissioner Ken Russell, who represents District 2, the area in which the race track is expected to be. Russell was one of the two commissioners who did not sponsor the proposal, which was supported by Miami mayor Fr... [Continue reading]

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    Download the GP+ covers for free...

    GP+ has been going since the spring of 2007. We've decided to create posters of all the front covers for those who would like to download them/ It's free, just go to the GP+ website to download them. Happy memories... ... [Continue reading]

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