17 May 2019

Whatever next?

I read with absolute awe a news story today about half a million TV spectators signing a petition to have HBO create a new ending for Game of Thrones, a show which I have to say I have never watched. It seems, from what I have picked up that things end badly with lots of characters being slaughtered - in one way or another - and the fans want a happier ending.

Whatever next? Will they be signing petitions to ask for Grands Prix to have different results? I guess Formula E has taken a step in that direction by having fan boost which gives a popular driver an advantage with a poll, while Formula W guarantees that a woman will win a race by not having any men involved...

I must say I prefer racing where people just race without assistance. Yes, it’s true that it is never really fair as one car or one team is better than the others but that is part of the game. The challenge is to create the best organisation and then to be in the right place at the right time.

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