Time to make a fortune...

    So, the last but one blog item was timed at 07.50 Dubai time, at which point I had been in DXB for about seven hours. The plane didn’t take off until nearly 15.00, which was dull, but more cost-effective, which is something we F1 journalists have to be aware of. Amazing though it may be for some... [Continue reading]

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    2018 F1 calendar set to change

    I am not into writing screaming headlines, saying “Exclusive”, as some publications do these days (even if their exclusives are old news, which all too often is the case). However, it seems wise to stick up a headline on this occasion as there seems to be no sign anywhere of any stories about the 20... [Continue reading]

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    Notebook from a string of airport lounges

    It’s unimportant o’clock here in Dubai (DXB to aficionados). The computer says 05.50, the watch says 07.50, the iPhone says 07.50, so 07.50 it must be. The computer is on another time zone. Life is like that at the moment. Even when one is in Singapore, one is not on the right time zone. It’s ... [Continue reading]

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    Six hours after the race...

    Oh dear… The Singapore Grand Prix was supposed to be a big night for Ferrari, with Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes stuck at third in the pecking order, behind Ferrari and Red Bull Racing. It was, they all said, the nature of the circuit. Lewis and Valtteri Bottas talked of damage limitation… ... [Continue reading]

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    In Singapore

    This weekend should see a string of announcements in Singapore from various parties in F1 including an extension of the Singapore GP contract, probably for another long period. We should also hear from McLaren and Honda about their split and McLaren’s new deal with Renault. Honda will announce its deal wi... [Continue reading]

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    A wealth of juniors

    McLaren is expected to retain Fernando Alonso and Stoffel Vandoorne in 2018 and the signs are that rising British star Lando Norris will be given the role of third driver, although he is expected to compete in Formula 2 next season, as he continues on his path up the racing ladder. There has been spec... [Continue reading]

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    The Sainz story....

    The widespread reporting that Carlos Sainz will move to Renault appears to come from a single source, but has been reported on sites owned by the same organisation, and since widely copied. It is probably true because getting such a call wrong would be a very public embarrassment, although people in F1 have bee... [Continue reading]

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    A reminder...

    For those of you who remember the Formula 1 journalist Paul Treuthardt, there will be a memorial service to celebrate his extraordinary life at St Bride’s, Fleet Street, known worlwide as the Journalists’ Church. The service will be tomorrow (Friday, September 8) at 11.30. ... [Continue reading]

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    Pure speculation?

    This is the season of pure speculation in Formula 1, if one looks at some of the stories to be found on the internet. It reads sometimes as if the bottom-feeders, committed to providing x number of news stories a day, are simply linking every driver with every seat that is available… In reality... [Continue reading]

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    Notebook from the road

    As the Italian Grand Prix was short and was not the most complicated of stories to tell, the GP+ e-magazine came together very efficiently on Sunday night. There was even time for a quick spaghetti carbonara before launching into finishing ... [Continue reading]

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