Fascinating F1 Facts: 54 - A power behind the scenes

    With one or two notable exceptions, one doesn’t hear much about the race promoters in the world of Formula 1. They are often government types, who know how to work the system and who understand that one has to be careful when dealing with public money. At the end of the day, however, their job i... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 53 - Where titles were decided

    The 2020 season is the 70th anniversary of Formula 1 this year and thus far a total of 29 different venues have hosted the race at which the World Championship was decided. And you might be hard-pressed to guess which venue has had the most title showdowns. It depends, to some extent, on the calendar but there ... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 52 - A grisly tale

    Formula 1 in the early 1970s was extremely dangerous. The cars had become faster and faster but the circuit and car safety was not keeping pace with development, despite the safety campaigns initiated by Jackie Stewart and the Grand Prix Drivers Association (GPDA). Watkins Glen in New York was a particular prob... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 51 - How not to build a brand

    Property development is a risky business but there are big rewards at the end if things go well. However it requires money to buy properties and to fund construction or refurbishment. In order to raise the money required, a lot of property developers look for someone willing to lend them money. The only problem... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 50 - An engine man

    American driver Pete Aron was fired by the Jordan F1 team after causing an accident at Monaco which resulted in his car flying into the harbour and his team-mate Scott Stoddard suffering serious leg injuries. He then received an approach from Yamura Motors from Japan and ended the year managing to become World Cha... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 49 - A missed opportunity

    The French Grand Prix was always an itinerant event. The venue changed from year to year, the race often being used as a political tool to keep the different regions happy. In the early years after World War I the European nations began building huge speedways to match the British and the Americans, who had bui... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 48 - How to lose at musical chairs

    In the 19th Century the village of Cascais became a favourite place for the Portuguese royal family to go bathing. The locals soon built a railway to the pleasant fishing village and it became a fashionable place to go. The penultimate stop on the railway was in Estoril, which was then little more than scrublan... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 47 - A strange F1 career

    Of all the Formula 1 drivers in history – who now number 774 – Jean Lucas probably had the strangest debut in the sport. He made just one appearance, at the Italian Grand Prix in 1955, standing in for Robert Manzon. Why? Because Lucas was the team manager of Equipe Gordini and Manzon, by a... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 46 - The adventures of Bob Sparshott

    To the north of Saint Albans in Hertfordhsire, the B651 passes through the quaint half-timbered village of Wheathampstead, dips down and crosses the River Lea and then climbs uphill to the Mid Herts Golf Course, one of the oldest in England, dating back to 1892. It then reaches the village of Gustard Wood,... [Continue reading]

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    Fascinating F1 Facts: 45 - An unlikely tale

    In the early 1930s, AD (Anton) Hildebrand was in his mid-twenties and working as a writer of radio plays with the Algemene Vereniging Radio Omroep (AVRO), the public radio service of the Netherlands. In 1935 he published a book for children about a fictional brown bear called Bolke de B... [Continue reading]

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