A change at Renault Sport Racing

    Renault has appointed Thierry Koskas (54) to be the new President of Renault Sport Racing. He will replace the current incumbent Jerome Stoll, who is 65 in March and is retiring. Koskas was previously the company's global marketing director and a member of the Renault Executive Committee.... [Continue reading]

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    Fernley joins McLaren for IndyCar

    Bob Fernley has been appointed McLaren's President of IndyCar. He will lead the McLaren 2019 Indianapolis 500 programme. The appointment is designed to avoid McLaren having to invest any of its energy or people in IndyCar, as the focus needs to be on Formula 1, the company's core business... [Continue reading]

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    Notebook from Guarulhos

    The Aeropuerto Internacional de São Paulo is to be found (if you don't get lost on the way) in the Guarulhos municipality, in the north west of the city. To get there from the south of this vast urban sprawl, where Interlagos is located, one follows a road they call the Marginal Pinheiros, alongside ... [Continue reading]

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    The crash in Interlagos

    FIA stewards deal with rules as written and often do not add interpretations that others might draw. So Esteban Ocon got a penalty because he was the lapped car and should not have crashed into the race leader. But I would argue that Ocon’s move on Max was a righteous one, neat and sweet. The ti... [Continue reading]

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    Five hours and 15 minutes after the race

    The Brazilian Grand Prix was a dramatic race that resulted in Mercedes clinching the Constructors' World Championship. It was packed with excitement and drama as Max Verstappen seemed to have the race under control when he found himself under attack from his old Formula 3 rival Esteban Ocon, who was a ... [Continue reading]

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    Hanoi and other matters...

    The Hanoi announcement has now been made and those of you who have been surprised that Formula 1 is going off to Vietnam in 2020, should perhaps take note that I am not reporting it in any great detail because I have done it all already. ... [Continue reading]

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    Notebook from Miami… and other places

    Apologies for the rather delayed green notebook. Life has been very busy since the Mexican Grand Prix, churning out words which pay money, which must be the priority as sadly this blog does not. The Mexican GP seemed to come and go very quickly and while it was great to see Lewis Hamilton win his... [Continue reading]

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    Six and a half hours after the race...

    The Mexican Grand Prix was dominated by Max Verstappen, but the big story of the day was that Lewis Hamilton wrapped up his fifth World Championship, equalling the great Juan Manuel Fangio. Perhaps it was not achieved in the way he would have wish for, because the Mercedes team was struggling with tyres.... [Continue reading]

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    Haas does a deal with Rich Energy

    The Haas F1 team has done a deal with Rich Energy, which will see the drinks company becoming the team's title sponsor for a number of years. It is expected that the team will change the livery of the cars to the black and gold of the drink, althoug... [Continue reading]

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    Notebook from a (very) soggy place

    The weather in Austin has been horrible for the last week, apart from a few hours on Sunday, when the United States Grand Prix took place in the sunshine. For the rest of the time it has been overcast, and many shades of grey. It's been like this for a while with heavy and near constant downpours in the day... [Continue reading]

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