Six hours after the race...

    The German Grand Prix was an amazing race with Sebastian Vettel's Ferrari seemingly in control, with Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen in hot pursuit, while Lewis Hamilton worked his way up from 14th on the grid. By lap 11 Hamilton was in the top six. When he reached fifth, he seemed stuck.... [Continue reading]

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    Ferrari confirms changes

    On Saturday evening Ferrari confirmed that the board of directors "had learned with deep sadness during its meeting today that the company's chairman and CEO Sergio Marchionne will be unable to return to work" and named John Elkann as chairman and will propose to shareholders that Louis Camilleri ... [Continue reading]

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    Who is Louis Camilleri?

    The man rumoured to be the new boss of Ferrari is Louis Camilleri, the former CEO of Philip Morris International who is currently the chairman of the cigarette company which owns Marlboro and is Ferrari's primary sponsor, although the branding no longer appears on the cars. Born in ... [Continue reading]

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    Ferrari to get a new boss

    The automotive world is waiting for confirmation later today of a new CEO of Ferrari, following reports that Sergio Marchionne is seriously ill and is to stand down from his role. Marchionne has not been seen in public since the end of June, fuelling speculation and the motoring media is reporting tha... [Continue reading]

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    Bottas does deal with Merc

    Valtteri Bottas has signed a new deal with Mercedes for 2019, with an option to continue in 2020. Since joining Mercedes at the beginning of 2017 the Finn has scored three Grand Prix victories, but he has yet to win this year, despite a couple of near-misses. "It is great news that I wi... [Continue reading]

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    On the Hamilton news...

    We’ve been expecting Lewis to re-sign for Mercedes for quite a while now, but it was rather irritating that I was driving when it was all announced, having been substantially delayed on a blocked autobahn. C’est la vie, as they say over the border from here. So I decided to have a late lunch on... [Continue reading]

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    Mo Nunn 1938 - 2018

    Morris Nunn - known as Mo - has died at the age of 79. He was a remarkable engineer who became the boss of the Ensign F1 team. He never had the money to be successful in F1 but later enjoyed many victories in the United States. Nunn grew up in post-war Britain and raced motorcycles in his yo... [Continue reading]

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    The latest Miami circuit map

    Here is the latest version of the planned Miami Grand Prix circuit, with the original idea of racing around the American Airlines Arena having been axed and the track now passing through Bayfront Park. It is not clear from the map where the pits will be, but it is clear from the run-off areas that the circuit w... [Continue reading]

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    We’ve been podcasting again!

    After more than a month, and 17,000 kilometres on the road (spent largely in an ageing Prius) F1 legend Joe Saward drops into the shed for a well deserved rest stop before jumping in the Prius again and heading for Germany. This week he and Spanners decide that the team's pantech motor homes (hosp... [Continue reading]

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    Ruminations on sport

    Sport is a funny thing. It does two things: it provides physical activity for the enjoyment of those taking part; and, in many cases, it is entertainment for spectators, both on-site and watching on television. It is big business these days, of course, as it is one of the most successful ways for... [Continue reading]

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