F1 and Brazil

    The grass does not grow under Chase Carey's feet. On Sunday he was at Paul Ricard in the south of France, but by Monday afternoon he was in Brasilia for a meeting with Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro at the Planalto Palace, where he was joined by Wilson Witzel, the governor of Ri... [Continue reading]

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    Six and a half hours after the race

    The good news at Paul Ricard was that the weather was good and there was no real controversy. One might argue that the bad news was that Lewis Hamilton won his sixth victory in eight races. Valtteri Bottas could not challenge him. Ferrari could not challenge him - and Red Bull wasn't really in the picture e... [Continue reading]

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    Delays at Silverstone

    Life is never easy at Silverstone, with the latest drama being that the Silverstone Experience launch is being delayed because the building contractor on the project has gone into administration with the work still to be finished. The exhibition, which was due to open on July 8, covers the entire hist... [Continue reading]

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    The inevitability of the cost cap

    Number-crunchers may not be the coolest of folk. They may not dance like Fred Astaire, nor pluck babes with their raffish charms, but they are good at numbers and forensic accountants are the Top Guns of their profession. They can figure out who is cooking the books by studying patterns and such things and then... [Continue reading]

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    Why would Ferrari ask for a review?

    Ferrari has decided to ask for a review of the decision by the FIA Stewards at the Canadian Grand Prix. The right to review is based on “a new element” being discovered, which might impact on the original ruling. The decision will be made by the same stewards as and when they can reco... [Continue reading]

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    A one-off deal. Today only...

    It's Father's Day today and we thought it might be fun to offer special deal for GP+. Anyone who subscribes for GP+ today, will get the entire archive for free. The offer ends at midnight (BST), so don't hang about! There are more than 270 magazines in the archive, goin... [Continue reading]

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    The definition of insanity...

    Since the kerfuffle in Canada, I have read a number of people suggesting that the rules should be changed and that the system of stewarding should be altered. This makes no real sense to me because the current system is the result of years of quiet development, with other systems having been tried and rejected,... [Continue reading]

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    Notebook from The Four Seasons

    The Canadian Grand Prix weekend is one of the favourite Formula 1 races. The city is great. The circuit is great – and with much better facilities than was previously the case. This year, the weather was great. The food was great. The only problem is that with the media being as it is these... [Continue reading]

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    Six hours after the race...

    The Canadian Grand Prix provided controversy and high drama. But it also proved that Ferrari can beat Mercedes - if Sebastian Vettel can avoid making mistakes. There is no question that a lot of people felt that Ferrari had been robbed of victory by the FIA Stewards. But all they were doing was following the ru... [Continue reading]

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    Robin Herd 1939 - 2019

    Robin Herd has died at the age of 80. Herd was an aerospace designer who moved into motorsport in the mid-1960s and went on to establish March Engineering, one of the great customer car companies in the history of the sport. Herd graduated in mechanical engineering from St Peter's College, Ox... [Continue reading]

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