FRSL: Memories down Mexico way

    Believe me, we were absolutely zonko after getting back from Mexico this year. We’d taken the (ultra-cheap) option of going out Air France via Paris and KLM back via Amsterdam. At about £418 each it was a steal. But of course you never get anything for nothing. So the downside was a total of 15 hours or so airborne each way and seemingly endless trekking between ... [Read More]

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    FRSL: To Money Town and Back

    Rallye Monte Carlo! It’s the WRC’s oldest, most famous event; gold dust for publicity; a name that all sports editors and TV executives have heard of. For those deaf to The Safari, the RAC Rally, The 1000 lakes – all those great names of the past – the Monte still trips naturally off the tongue… Believe me, those three years when it w... [Read More]

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    Henri Toivonen: The day a superstar died

    I always like to stop and think for a moment today and remember… It was May 2nd, now 31 years ago that we lost Henri Toivonen who died along with his co-driver Sergio Cresta, on the 1986 Tour de Corse. At the time he was killed I was arriving in Cardiff, having gone there for the Welsh Rally, only to get the shock news. Toivonen was a one-off, a Gr... [Read More]

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    Rally de Corse musings...

    This is the week when we fly off to Corsica for the WRC’s Rally of France. I have to say it’s a whole lot better for being back on the Ile de Beauté.  I was never much of a fan of the event’s five years based on the outskirts of Strasbourg, a city nauseatingly in love with its status as the European Parliament’s alternative base.... [Read More]

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    Are VW coming back to the WRC in 2018?

    Now here’s a question: Are VW coming back to the WRC in 2018 as rumours say they are? OR, are they going to pass the baton to their other rally brand…the WRC2 champions, Škoda? That might seem a provocative sentence – except that there are a couple of pointers that send anyone like me who will happily... [Read More]

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    What’s gone wrong with the new Citroen WRC car?

    The question most people left Rally Sweden asking is: What’s gone wrong with the new Citroen World Rally Car. And it was not until the final morning, with just two stages to go that any idea of the problem’s severity surfaced, when top driver Kris Meeke suddenly said: "I’m not ******* driving this." It seems th... [Read More]

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    Ten years on, memories of Grönholm the Great

    It was a big shock when I realised this week that 2017 is the 10th anniversary of Marcus Grönholm’s fifth and final victory on the Swedish Rally. He retired at the end of that year and it has always astonished me how quickly great drivers fall out of your consciousness. In 2007 Grönholm beat his nemesis, Sébastien Loeb, in Sw... [Read More]

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    Spectating the Monte in Style…

    If there’s one truism about rally fans it’s that they will circumvent any barrier and endure any hardship in their determination to catch a glimpse of their heroes. You could see that in rally town Gap last Wednesday evening, hours before even the shakedown stage was due to start. Every road around Rally HQ was lined by parked cars. No-... [Read More]

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    WRC Team News: Monte Carlo Rally

    The opening round of the FIA World Rally Championship is always something to look forward to, but with new cars and a returning manufacturer in the form of Toyota, this weekend's Monte Carlo Rally is one of the most hotly-anticipated events in years. Recapping developments ahead of the rally, Motorsport Week brings you the latest... [Read More]

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    Monte Carlo Preview: All change as WRC revs up for 2017

    It’s a huge moment for the WRC. Some say it’s the championship’s most vital effort yet to reclaim the worldwide popularity it enjoyed in the fabled Group B era of the mid-1980s. In 2017 we will have new rules, more powerful and more dramatic cars, and different driver combinations. This could be the most exciting, vibran... [Read More]

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